Air Compressor

Lupamat started manufacturing in Bornova/Izmir in the year of 1968 and has been continuing its activities in the compressed air sector for more than 40 years and Lupamat is the initiator of many innovations in the sector. Lupamat manufactured its first reciprocating air compressor in the year of 1969. Thereafter, Lupamat added the screw air compressors, oilfree screw and reciprocating air compressors, booster air compressors, gasoline air compressors and recently 40 bars high pressure compressors to its product range.

Lupamat has been increasing the growing acceleration both in the domestic and abroad markets and exporting its productions to more than 30 countries, primarily to Germany, Swiss, Romania, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Bangladesh and New Zealand​

The four types of screw air compressors can be further categorized based on Working Pressure and Free Air Delivery. In general, maximum working pressure can be sub-categorized to 7.5, 10 and 13 bar, while FAD varies between 0.42 and 58.34 m3/min. We have supplied 91 air compressors till date. We also provide spare parts, installation and maintenance support for these air compressors.

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