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Evaluate your needs: input power, output power, generator power and portability.

Input power

Does your machine need to be self-powered, or will AC power be available at the location where it’s primarily used?

For locations where an electrical hookup is not practical, consider a gas- or diesel-powered engine-driven welder/generator to supply welding and generator power.
For locations where AC power is available, you need to know its type—and whether it’s a match for the machine you’re considering:

Single-phase power is found in most homes and garages. Check to see if the machine you’re considering requires single-phase power, and whether its voltage requirements(120 or 240 volts) are met by the electrical service at the intended location.​

Three-phase power is common in industrial settings. Check to see if the machine you’re considering requires three-phase power and whether its voltage requirements are met by the electrical service at the intended location.​

Output power

Light industrial products are suitable for the home hobbyist or occasional user. They are designed to be easy to operate, are affordably priced and typically have a 20 percent duty cycle and rated output of 230 amps or lower.

Industrial products are suitable for applications that do not require high-volume production. They typically have a 40 to 60 percent duty cycle and/or rated output of 300 amps or lower. Industrial products are an appropriate choice for professional welders.

Heavy industrial products are suited to high-volume production and/or welding of thicker materials. They typically have a duty cycle of 60 to 100 percent and a rated output of at least 300 amps. Heavy industrial products are designed with the arc characteristics and product features professional welders demand for code-quality work.​

Generator Power

DOut in the field, you may need an engine-driven welder/ generator to supply 120- or 240-volt AC power to run tools and lights, or supply 12-volt DC power to charge automotive batteries and jump-start vehicles. Miller®welder/generators are packed with power; larger units even offer option packages that add 10 to 20 kW of generator power.


Can you bring the work to the machine, or does the machine need to go to the work? Check the Product Guide pages for types of portability:

  • Shoulder strap, handles, running gear, carts, etc.
  • Many engine-driven welding generators fit in the back of a pickup truck, enabling them to be driven to wherever the welding is needed. Heavy-duty trailers are also available for engine drives.


  • Millermatic 141 and 190
  • Millermatic 211
  • Millermatic 212 Auto-Set
  • Millermatic 252
  • Millermatic 350P
  • MIGmatic M-Series MIG Guns
  • CP-302
  • Deltaweld Series
  • Invision MPa Plus System
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